Friday, 22 July 2016

Rio Paralympics opening ceremony 2016

Rio Paralympics opening ceremony 2016

Rio Paralympics opening ceremony

Opening ceremony of Paralympics: Is all set to make the Paralympics Fans of across the globe Crazy to the Core. Come to september, 7 and the aggravation of the people will go sky high. The opening ceremony has all the amazing things that will guarantee thunderous applause. The music ambassador of Paralympics, 2016 it will make the people captivate with his official theme song. The tickets of Paralympics, 2016 events have already been sold. There are twenty three (23) sports, five hundred twentyeight (528) Events in the Paralympics.

About Paralympics

About Paralympics
The Paralympics in Summer in Rio de Janeiro are from September 7-18, 2016. The games are held after the Rio  Summer Olympics 2016 and feature top athletes with a disability.

First South American Host City
Rio de Janeiro is the first South American city to host the Summer Paralympics, which will see athletes with disabilities or impairments compete in sports like athletics, judo,cycling,  rowing, swimming, and volleyball.

Countdown to Rio Paralympics 2016
2016 Summer Paralympic sports will be played in several venues in the city, including the world famous football (soccer) MaracanĂ£ Stadium.

Same host city as 2016 Summer Olympics

The Paralympic Games are held in the same year and city as the Olympic Games. Since the Seoul in 1988 Paralympics and the Albertville 1992 Winter Paralympics, they have also been held at the same venues as the 2016 Summer Olympics. From 2012 it became mandatory for cities that host the Olympic Games to also host the Paralympics.

Paralympics Opening ceremony on Independence Day
The Paralympics' opening ceremony correspond with Brazil's Independence Day, which is a national holiday on September 7, 2016. Apart from this, some places may schedule local public holidays during the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

First Paralympics in 1960
First Paralympics

In 1948 German-born neurologist Mr. Ludwig Guttmann organized a sporting competition involving World War II veterans with spinal cord injuries in England. An international movement was born from his Endeavour, leading to the first official Paralympic Games, in Rome, Italy, in 1960. The games started after six days the Olympic Games' closing ceremony.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Rio 2016 Paralympic Games torch

The decision to start from a single creation concept reflects the 2 objects’ sense of equality and equivalence of importance. When closed, therefore, the 2 torches look the same. When open, the Olympic and Paralympic souls reveal themselves, in all their exclusive details. In the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games torch, sinuous and continuous reliefs simulate the high and low points in the life of a rio Paralympic athlete, based on determination and achievements. Its quadrangular texture refers to the 4 Paralympic values – courage, determination, inspiration and equality – which are also written in Braille on the objectives. 

Rio 2016 Paralympic Games torch

When we light the flame of the Rio Paralympic Games, we will illuminate inspiring examples, celebrating creativity, multiformity and will be a time to awaken our consciousness regarding a truth that not everyone realises: our differences do not build us different. The flame is carried using torches, in a relay taking the Paralympic message beyond the host city and cessation with the lighting of the cauldron at the Games opening ceremony. As one of the Rio 2016 Torch’s main innovative attributes, its volumes open in an upward motion, like a body that stretches its boundaries, direct by the values of the Paralympic Movement: courage, determination, inspiration and equality.